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The term lightworkers is very popular in spirituality and its communities. Anyone who is on the healing journey may have heard it more than once.

The term itself is very tricky, as we all know.

It's just another label to define human into a category. And we all understand the danger of it. It is so very easy to fall into illusions of duality.

That said; let me define the term, as there is a certain type of person who comes to this place to do certain things :-)

Lightworkers are ones who shine their light of consciousness upon the darkness of human unconsciousness, both inside and outside, and inspire people by being the light themselves.

And yet, I know that many of us struggle as no one is perfect. I struggle a lot too :-)

Somebody said this:

The light house doesn't move around.

It stays still in one spot, and it shines its light in the darkness, so people won't lose their direction, even in a storm.

That's what we do.

I was lucky enough to encounter many of them along my way. They are my fellows. They support me till now and have got my back. I know I can always trust them.

8 Common Traits of Lightworker

To me, anyone who is committed to their life’s work is a lightworker. They are committed to their lives so deeply that they have no hesitation in declaring it. They are ready to devote themselves. And they will go on their way no matter what. They go beyond fear. As you may imagine, it's not something they can do for fun or as hobby.

I will just lay out some very common and obvious traits here:

  • Hyper sensitive
  • Rebellion
  • Strong sense of self
  • Prefer solitude
  • Have experienced the dark night of the soul
  • High degree of integrity
  • Highly intelligent
  • Minority in one way or another

Let me introduce Steve Pavlina, he is probably one of the most well-known lightworkers in the USA.

About Steve

I received lots of inspirations from Steve. If I didn't encounter one of his articles about life's purpose and living consciously, I wound't have started this web-site, probably. His articles are eye opening, I really enjoy reading his stuff.

Lighworkers are the ones who are committed to help, to support, and to liberate.

And to become able to do that, they need to spend lots of time in solitude, to know who they are, what they come here for, and to find out their life’s purpose and life’s work. It takes many years for them to go through a series of initiations, the dark night of the soul. And they eventually come to a point where they finally admit and accept their higher calling.

Being a lightworker isn't a fun thing to do and it's a full-time job with no paid holiday. It's just my personal take, but if you are one, you know what I am talking about.

It also means that we must take full responsibility for our lives. And to do so, sometimes we must make tough decisions. It is not easy. Other people including your loved ones may not understand. And yet, that's what it takes to live life as we choose. We are the creator of our lives, no one else. People who know this also understand what true responsibility means, too.


If you consider yourself a minority in some ways, most probably you are one of us.

Being different is a blessing. We all need to learn to love ourselves unconditionally. Only through that is it possible for us to love others, with true compassion.

The deeper your experience, the more love and compassion you have for yourself and others. And you know that's your soul's choice in this lifetime. 

If you are one of us, I would like you to know this:

We didn't come here to become conformists. It's not a matter of right or wrong, good or bad. We came here to shine and to embrace our own uniqueness. No matter how unconventional that is. Know that love is unconditional. You don't need to justify yourself to be who you are, you don't need to have reasons to be who you are, and yet, you are you for reasons :-)

We are here to speak our truth. Stay true to yourself, always. You are the one who knows the truth about authenticity. Embrace your solitude, it's a dialogue between you and God. It's an alchemy of your spirit and soul. The journey continues, shine your light on the way and be the light yourself :-)

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Home > Lightworkers

Are you a lightworker?

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