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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a universal energy that was found by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in 1922. It's also called the 'hands on healing technique'.

We can access the universal energy source and use it to heal wounds or promote our overall well-being.

Please read my Energy Healing page for details about how energy works for healing.

Reiki is a very simple and easy, yet very effective, energy healing tool. Anyone can be a Reiki healer once they are attuned to the source by a master. If you are new to Reiki or any forms of energy healing, I would recommend starting with Traditional Usui or Kundalini Reiki.

You may want to consider your local area to see if there are any masters offering attunements. You can find Kundalini Reiki here on this site. There is no prerequisite for  Kundalini Reiki . Anyone can be attuned to be a master teacher. Please click the link to read more about it.

Later I will lay out FAQ to answer some basic questions about Reiki :-) For now, If you have any question, please do let me know via contact form here.

Types of Reiki

Reiki can be divided into two categories:

One is called Traditional Reiki (originally found by Mikao Usui),

  • Usui Reiki (Traditional)

Another kind is called Developed Reiki found by other people.

  • Karuna Reiki
  • Imara Reiki
  • Lightarian Reiki
  • Kundalini Reiki

...and many others.

They are all categorized as Reiki for its vibrational frequency. The Reiki that has the highest frequency today is Lightarian Reiki.

Benefits of Reiki

There are lots of benefits of Reiki; I will just list the most popular ones here:

  • Expansion and progression of consciousness
  • Clearing of energy fields (Aura and Chakras)
  • Bringing more clarity and awareness
  • Relaxation of physical, mind and emotional body
  • Releasing emotional blockages
  • Promote over-all well-being

It can be very beneficial to use Reiki in daily life to advance our spiritual transformation. I will talk about this more in Reiki for Spiritual Healing.

What are the Differences Between Attunement and Treatment?

One of the FAQ is to know the differences between attunement and treatment. 


  • Permanently connected to the source
  • Able to perform self-healing
  • May attune and heal others, animals, and plants


  • Temporary and you need to ask the healer for a session each time
  • Not connected to the source
  • Not able to attune or heal others

When you are permanently attuned to the Reiki source, you can perform healing and attunement anytime you want. It's so much more beneficial for yourself and your love ones. If you're interested in getting attuned, please check it out.

How Does Distant Attunement Work and Why?

Reiki is a universal energy and not limited to any form of material, time, and distance. It's beyond all the limitation we have on this earthly plane. Therefore, it is possible to send and receive attunements or treatments regardless of time and location.

When doing a distant session, I use Call in Method as this is probably most convenient way for both sides. I will set up the attunements and clients can receive it anywhere and anytime when convenient. 

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Home > Reiki Attunement

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