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Use Reiki for Spiritual Healing?

I wrote that Spiritual Healing is all about letting go of what is not us in the  “Non-Serving Energy: 2 Steps to Release” article.

Along the way, we have taken too much stuff that didn't originally belong to us, including:

These things need to leave us for good if we ever want to return to our wholeness and start moving towards true self-actualization.

Life will send us triggers in this regard. Reiki can promote the entire process.

Use Reiki For Spiritual Healing With 'Work'

Reiki is a universal energy that was found by a Japanese doctor in the 19th century. Please read more about it here:

Or if you are totally new to Reiki, please read this.

Reiki stimulates and triggers any non-serving energies or blockages (mental and emotional) inside us, and it helps them to come up to the surface. This is often called 'healing crisis' or 'purge'.

Spiritual Healing usually takes many years or even decades.  Reiki doesn't automatically 'cure'. But it promote the process.

And by doing 'work' after using Reiki, we can accelerate the entire process even more and make it easier.

 If you want more details about 'work', please read the articles below:

Useful Energy Healing Modalities

My personal recommendation of Reiki or other energy healing modalities are:

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is an almighty healing modality that can be used for various purposes:

  • expansion of consciousness
  • clearing energy field (subtle body and chakras)
  • releasing suppressed energies (emotions)
  • clearing any mind blockages (core beliefs and limitations)
  • dissolving crystals
  • clearing traumas

I usually use it once or twice a month with other emotional releasing techniques or shadow work. It's a very attractive energy because it's very simple. There are no symbols needed in Kundalini Reiki. If you are interested, please check out this page:

Subconscious Clearing Empowerment

My personal favorite is the Subconscious Clearing Empowerment. The energy helps to clear up any non-serving energies that got stuck in the subconscious mind. And it promotes the integration of conscious and subconscious mind. Any unconscious programs working behind may come up to the surface.

Using this energy daily can bring lots of practical benefits.

I started using it when I was going through some profound life changes and shifts. I used it almost every week.

Nowadays, I am more aware of my own behavioral patterns and habits than before, and it has been easier for me to make conscious choices and decisions in my life. 

What a transformation I have gone through when I look back from now... it's just amazing.

Quantum Leap Empowerment

Spiritual healing is done in a series of profound changes and shifts in one's life.

If we ever want to progress and expand as a soul, we need to go beyond the fear of uncertainty and unknown. This energy helps us to overcome any fear-based energy that holds us back from changing.

Setting up new intentions is one thing. I use this energy when I need to take a leap.

Anger Release Empowerment

Anger Release Empowerment helps to release the accumulated, suppressed anger within us. Let's face it, we all have suppressed anger. It won't just disappear by hoping or staying positive. The accumulated emotions are not based on only this life but on the history of reincarnation.

We need to release it if we ever want to become who we truly are. Using this energy daily can promote the process and make it easier.

Bottom Line

Reiki or energy work itself is healing more or less. But to achieve the optimal benefits, I recommend that you use 'work' together with it.

Healing cannot be done passively. It requires our active and conscious participation. After all, what makes changes and progression is our state of consciousness.

Reiki helps Spiritual Healing. But with our own help. Let's remind ourselves that we are creators of our lives. We are empowered beings. We have all the power of making choices in our lives. 

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