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Today, I would like to share two spiritual healing methods that work powerfully to heal any unfulfilled emotional needs or patterns from childhood.

I learnt these from my mentor. They are useful and powerful techniques that I can use by myself.

Get Your Healing Environment Ready

Find a quiet place where you can be alone for about half an hour. Make sure all the devices are switched off.

I usually suggest that you remember to be present before you start the work.

Simply remind yourself to come back to this moment by taking a few mindful breaths. Then focus on your physical sensations.

Stay in that state for as long as you need. You may want to mediate a bit before you proceed.

Method One: Find and Heal Unfulfilled Emotional Needs

Relax and take out your journal and a pen, then follow the steps I’ve outlined.

Step 1: Express your emotional needs in the form of wanting or desire

For instance, if you are feeling lonely, you may want to have some company or a partner. If you are angry, you may want to be listened to or to be treated fairly. So you’d write down ‘I want a partner who listens to me when I speak’ in your journal if that’s what you feel you need. 

Write everything down freely. Even if your desires are negative ones such as 'I want this person to go away'. Let your energy flow freely and be as selfish as you want.

Step 2: Imagine that the desire you wrote has come true

Focus on any positive feelings you have when you do this part of the work. How does it feel to be fully accepted by others, or to have an ideal partner? Have you been promoted in your job? Try to identify the positive emotional signature of the experience.

Step 3: Ask yourself “why do I feel in this way?”

Then wait for the answer to come out. 

This is the moment of truth. You will be in touch with your true needs, the ones underneath your emotions.

Let me share my case as an example.

My desire was to have my partner listen to me when I speak to him. And to have better, more open, communications with me. So, I wrote it down. 

Then, I imagined that he was listening to me and having better and more open communication with me.

I started to feel safer, more secure and respected. I started to feel happier and felt that I was no longer alone.

I asked myself, ‘Why am I feeling in this way?’

The answer came to me in just a few moments. 

When someone is paying their full attention to what I am saying, I feel that I am not alone. I feel that I am respected. I feel that I am worthy. And that I can be here. 

I needed someone to be here with me. So that I can be here. This was what I needed all along.

I started sobbing.

Let the energy flow freely. My suppressed needs were released together with emotions.

Step 4: Be Present with the feeling

It is time for you to feel the emotions/feeling for your inner child. Send the child unconditional love and compassion from the Present moment.

Please also read emotional healing for detail.

Repeat the steps, above, as many times as you need to finally reach the place where you feel totally safe and peaceful. 

Method 2: Heal Emotional Patterns and Reset Intention

We all have emotional patterns that don’t serve us anymore.

For instance, one of my emotional patterns was:

  • I don't think I will ever have a partner who I can have open communications with.

And I felt sad about it.

OMG... that is so not very happy. I don't want to feel in that way. And yet, I cannot help it.

So, what do I do?

Step 1: Re-write it as a new intention.

Rewrite it like ‘I will only accept a partner who can have open communication with me from now on.’

It is like placing a very straight forward new order to the universe.

Hey universe! This is what I want, and I will only accept this from now on.

Step 2: Say it out loud a few times and see what will happen.

The point of doing this is to intentionally trigger any unconscious (mental and emotional) blockages that need to leave or be dissolved. 

The new intention has a higher vibration. And anything that doesn't resonate with it will be triggered and come up to the surface.

When I said my declaration aloud a few times, sadness emerged from within. And I started crying.

Step 3: Try to spot the feeling in your body.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do I feel it in my body?
  • Let the feeling speak

When I did this, I felt it in my belly. I tuned into it and described it with words. It felt like ‘water’. The color was a light blue. It was a very tender, ‘feminine’ type of energy.

I carried this energy from one of my former lives. I lived as a woman who had a miscarriage. She blamed herself for losing the baby. And she believed that she would never be happy again. It was easier for her to blame herself than accepting the pain at that time.

This non-serving energy needed to leave me if I ever want to have a happy relationship. 

Step 4: Send love and compassion from Present moment

It’s important to accept and transcend the energy into love.

When you do this work, anything that is blocking the new resolution from manifesting will come to surface and leave for good.

Resistance can show up as well. Be very mindful to whatever shows up.

These are powerful spiritual healing methods. Please drink a lot of water and have enough rest every time you do them.

Well...that's it for now.  

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Home > 2 Healing Techniques That Heal Emotions

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