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I used to NOT believe in positive affirmation. Because it never worked for me. 


Many years ago, my life coach told me to use it every day.

Like, if I want to become more confident about myself, I should tell myself 'I am very confident about myself' at least for 30 times while looking at a reflection of my left eye in a mirror for 21 days.

Believe it or not, I did it. Yes, for 21 straight days every second I told myself that.

And it didn't work.

The hell…I wish I only knew that there is superior and better way of doing it:

  • Find and identify blockages in subconscious mind
  • Pull them out (neutralize effects)
  • Plan a new seed 
  • Nurture and raise the baby sprout

Consider Subconscious as Soil and Prepare Well Before Seeding New Ideas

Imagine if the soil is full of weed. Our subconscious mind is just like that.

Consider a positive affirmation as a seed. And you will need to pull the weed out before seeding it into your soil.

You cannot just cut the weed out. You will have to pull them out from roots.

Weed such as detrimental core-believes, thinking patterns or habits, value system, norms. dogmas, anything that is not serving your highest potential needs to be pulled out.

Find Out Your Weed (Blockages)

To identify your core-believes or thinking patterns, I recommend that you watch this video from Teal Swan.

It's almost classic, Teal explains it so well that I don't think that anyone else can do better :-)

I will just lay out the most common core-believes as examples:

  • I am not good enough
  • I am not worthy
  • I cannot do it
  • I will fail
  • I am all alone
  • I am not lovable

Or you can try this way, when you try to affirm a new positive affirmation, observe your physical reaction. Then you will know what is blocking.

Please read this article in more detail:

Neutralize Its Power

I have above detrimental core-believes as well. They are so deeply buried in my subconscious that they are not obvious to the conscious mind. And yet they are affecting me.

By constantly bringing them into the conscious mind, we can neutralize its power. And start cognitively understanding that they are mere phantoms from the past. That they have no power over us.

It's important to bring every single mind and emotional blocks to conscious mind. It would already liberate huge part of the subconscious mind.

Start Using A New Affirmation

Just make sure the following:

  • Make it in a positive form
  • Make it in Present or completed form
  • Make it something that you feel real about

Do not just make it like... 'I hope (wish) I got a better health'. Instead, make it ' I am thankful that I have a good health'.

Do not use any future form like ' I am going to meet my ideal partner within six months'. Instead, make it 'I am now very happy that I am ready to meet my perfect partner'.

Do not make some unrealistic one such as 'I've won million dollars in a lottery'. Instead, make it something like 'My income continues to grow day by day'.

And water the seed for as many times as you need. It may take time. But you don't give up on a baby sprout. Continue with compassion and love for yourself. 

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Home > Use Affirmation in More Effective Way to Make It Work

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