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Included in This Service

  • Distant Attunement x 1 ( call-in method*)
  • PDF Manual x 1
  • Certificate with linage (PDF) x 1

*call-in method: you can receive distant attunements anytime and anywhere you want.

About Anger Release Empowerment

Anger is an important emotion that helps protect us from things that might be harmful to us emotionally or physically. Unfortunately, anger that has not been released properly can cause problems and block our energy.

Many people have unresolved anger issues, whether out of fear of expressing anger or being "stuck" in the angry energy. This empowerment helps release the energy in a safe, loving way.

Anger is not always on the surface. While some people quite obviously wear their anger on their sleeves, many others stuff their anger deep down inside where it is hard to see. Anger that is held onto and not safely released is destructive, whether it is expressed externally in a loud, obnoxious manner, or held within quietly.

Yet, it may well be that those who are out of touch with their inner anger are more at risk of developing long-term health consequences to the blocked energy than those who are outwardly angry. While it's never fair to say that someone has “caused” their own cancer, deeply buried anger held inside certainly won't help a body stay free from cancer.

If you are observant of people, you may notice that it is often the people who try to appear to be the most upbeat and positive who are holding the most anger deep down inside. They have repressed it, and are afraid to look at what they perceive as a monster within.

Such individuals are often plagued by unresolved inner turmoil that they can't resolve, in part because they are afraid to look at the anger within. Sometimes this can manifest in addictions such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or even over-eating, as the person tries to quell the anxiety they are feeling but don't want to confront.

For this reason, you will do many of your clients a huge service by giving them this energy during a healing, without the need to directly confront their repressed anger. The energy will simply help move the anger out. There may be times a person finally starts to allow themselves to feel some anger, which is a good thing.

This is part of the healing process.

What You May Get in This Empowerment

  • Releasing anger in a safe way
  • May attune people and self
  • Cleanse and clearing energy and body


You must be Reiki Master or familiar with any form of energy modality to receive this attunement.

If you have sever physical or mental symptoms, you should first consult your doctor.

Attunement takes approximately 10 mins, sometimes more or less.


Price : HKD 350.00 +7% VAT   (USD 1.00 ≒ HKD 7.89)

I will be in touch with you within 48 hours. Please note that no cancellation will be accepted.

Before proceeding to payment, please check my Privacy Policy & Disclaimer.

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Home > Reiki Attunement > Anger Release Empowerment

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