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Awakening symptoms are seen when you are going through a major spiritual transformation. They include mental, psychological and physical symptoms. They can be considered a crisis because, quite often, they are agonizing.

If you are experiencing some or all the below, chances are that you are going through the awakening process right now.

I would like to lay out some very common symptoms with my comments.

Mental Awakening Symptoms

1. Sense of Loss of Self

You would feel like you don't know who you are anymore. The person who you thought you were is NOT you after all. When you realize this, you don't know what to hold onto.  And at that point, you will start asking the 'Who am I?' question.

This question is the doorway to the next quest in your spiritual awakening, so something has gone 'right'. It's a quest of finding your true self, returning to who you really are.

2. Start Doubting Everything

You would start doubting everything that you have been taught by others or the society, including the so-called common sense, norms, morals and even ethics. You've taken some (or most) of them for granted. It's time for you to re-evaluate them and find your own truth. And start following your own spiritual guidance.

This is an essential process in awakening and spiritual healing.

3. Changes in Values, Beliefs and Life Style

Following the previous symptom, you would want to make some major changes in your life, maybe work out your priorities. For instance, a job or career that you’ve worked hard for may not feel so attractive to you anymore. You would want, or be forced, to make changes in your relationship life, your career, where you live, etc. 

Again, it is time for you to leave an old world and start moving forward to a new world. Making changes doesn't always feel comfortable. Ego doesn't like changes; it doesn't want to take risks and step out of its comfort zone. But your heart knows what you truly want. Follow your heart. Go beyond your fears.

4. Intense Interests in Healing

You would be very interested in healing yourself and life. You would want to read more about it and attend webinars. You would start healing life.

Healing must be done if you ever want to be fundamentally established in the present moment.

5. Loss of Passion and Interests in Things in General

You would experience a sense of loss of passion or meaning of life itself. Ordinary things, such as going to school or office, may feel very painful to you. You would find it difficult to function in many scenes in your daily life.

This happened to me lots of times in the last few years. It took me years to get my feet back on the ground. So, don't worry if you are feeling this right now as this too shall pass. 

There are no clear-cut answers to this. But it would help if you just follow the natural flow. When you don't want to do anything, don't. Take time out and rest. When you want to do something again, do it. These are the only things you can do to help yourself. 

6. Desire of Knowing Life’s Purpose

You would have a strong desire  to know what you came here for. The desire would be so strong that you would do anything to know it. It will come along the way, but it will take time. 

Patience is required. Focus on healing your core wounds and pain. It’s highly possible that your life’s purpose is related to that.

Psychological Symptoms

7. Strong and Unmistakable Desire for Freedom

This is one of the most significant and unmistakable awakening symptoms. You will want to adjust your entire life to give yourself more freedom. If there is anything that binds you, you would want to work it out.

It's a calling from your soul. 

8. Intense Loneliness or Sense of Being Detached

You would feel lonely or as if you have been detached from the society. This is related to the sense of loss of self and the connection based on that.

This is what it takes when you set yourself free from what seems to be familiar. You will have to learn how to embrace solitude along the way. And when you come out of the other side, you will know that it's also a part of the illusion of duality.

9. Wanting to Be Alone

This may sound contradicting to the previous symptom, but you would also have a strong desire to be alone because you would need plenty of time to talk only to yourself and to get answers to all your questions. You will need solid solitude.

So, just go ahead and be alone. Don't worry about other people. It's ok to spend some lone time, for a year or two, in your life.

10. Core Wounds and Pain Will Come Out

It's part of the healing and clearing negative Karma process. You cannot bring anything that is out of higher vibration when moving to a new world. You may experience intense emotional explosions or crying for no apparent reasons.

You may also be interested in reading:

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Physical Symptoms

11. Feeling Expansion in Head

You may feel an intense sense of expansion in your head or forehead. It feels as if energy is expanding inside your head and tries to explode.

There is not much you can do about this, so just let the energy work itself out. This too shall pass.

12. Dizziness

You may experience dizziness or stroke.  See a doctor as needed.

It happened to me a few times. There is not much you can do when this happens. The energy is moving drastically inside and you just need rest.

13. Skin Rash

You may have skin rashes or pimples. These are very common awakening symptoms. It's a purge of toxin that you've taken in over the years. My personal recommendation is to use rescue cream.

There were times when I had very intense skin rashes on my heart chakra. It lasted for a few years. Again, be patient. Acceptance of what is and let go of wanting to control situations or outcome are very important parts of awakening.

14. Weight Loss or Gain

This is very common, too. You may either lose  or gain a lot of weight and your diet may change.

I lost over 10 kg in the last three years, and I returned to my previous weight when I was 25 :-)

I tried to eat more to gain some more weight but that didn't work.

Follow your natural hunch for what to eat. You may want to eat lots of junk food. As you are clearing space inside, it may trigger addictive tendency. Take it easy when it happens and do not blame yourself for that. 

We don't have to eat healthy and clean all the time. We humans are not perfect and that is not our goal in any way. Allow yourself to enjoy a bit from time to time.

15. Intense Pain in Heart Chakra

See a doctor when you experience any physical pain. This is very important. Awakening symptoms may be obvious but you don't want to risk anything by concluding too quickly.

I started having very intense chest pain around the year 2013. The pain would last for 3 ~ 5 mins, and I cannot move when it  happens. I lie flat on the floor or on the bed and wait till the pain passes.

I did go to my doctor and did all the necessary medical checks, but there is nothing wrong with me and I am healthy.

This chest pain would still come back to me from time to time. It is when my heart chakra tries to open even more.

16. Changes in Sleeping Pattern

This can also be called insomnia. You may start waking up at around 3:00 am every day and cannot go back to sleep again, or you may start waking up many times every night.

These are very common awakening symptoms.

I wrote about this in detail in another article; please read it if you want to know more about it:

Insomnia: 2 Profound Things You Can Do About It

17. Fatigues

You may feel tired all the time, no matter how much you rest, although there is no apparent physical cause. A lot of changes are happening in your DNA and it’s extremely exhausting, so it’s rather natural for you to be tired.

Again, take it easy and take as much rest as you need. Make sure you sleep enough.


These awakening symptoms may appear quite intensely at the beginning, but they shall calm down along the way. Be patient and be kind to yourself. One thing you don't want to do is blame yourself for not doing things perfectly. If you eat and drink junks, let it be. 

We are not here to become a perfect human being, and this is not the goal of spiritual awakening. We are here to return to ourselves. Everything that is NOT us needs to leave.

Always make sure you get enough rest and drink a lot of water.

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