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The World of Time

The world of time is where everything exists in pairs. We call it duality.

Positive and negative, up and down, right and left, right and wrong, light and shadow, hot and cold, male and female, happiness and sadness.

Nothing can exist without its counterpart in the world of time. And it's called Separation.

Spiritual healing is a process of awakening from the illusions of duality that our subconscious mind creates. 

Integrate and Transcend Duality

We were whole and complete when we were born. But when we came into the world of time and started adjusting to unconscious humanity, we started separating and suppressing parts of ourselves. And started judging self and others.

To return to wholeness, we need to re-integrate those parts that are suppressed. Beyond duality, there is only unconditional love, where there is no judgement exists.

How do we do that? 

Accept and own every aspect of ourselves without ever judging or trying to change them.

When we see negative aspects in others, we tend to think that those aspects are not ours, but the truth is that they are the very aspects that we try so hard to deny and suppress within us. They are called our shadow-selves. When we don't own ourselves, we start projecting our shadows onto others. That's how it works.

When you consider yourself weak, there must be a strong side of you somewhere, when you consider yourself a kind person, there must be a cruel side of you somewhere in this world.

It's just like the heads and tails of a coin. You cannot take only one side of the coin and disregard the other, but must accept and own both sides.

Simply own them with compassion and accept who you are with unconditional love.

There is no positive or negative in this world, things are just the way they are. They are neutral. It's only our ego that wants to judge everything as positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad, mistake or not.

They are all illusions. And when we realize this, we start awakening.


I would like to share this simple work to find your shadow aspects.

Take out your journals and write down:

  • your positive aspects

Then look at the list and think opposite expression to each one of them, for instance:

  • Kindness vs. Cruelty

You can do the vise-versa.

They are your shadow aspects. Just look at them and acknowledge, accept and own them.

To find and more about shadow-aspects and how to integrate, I recommend the Work by Byron Katie.

We Are Leaning In a Classroom of Duality

We all came here to learn something in a classroom of duality.

If we are here to learn what love is, then we must first experience what is not love.  If we are here to learn the truth about abundance, we first must know scarcity. If one of your life lessons is to learn to become strong, then you must start from being weak. As we can only learn through our own experience.

Our weaknesses are strength. That's duality.

As we progress, we start balancing out what is and what is not. What is, and what is not. Accept both, own everything.

That is transcending the illusions, the end of separation.

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