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Purge of Suppressed Stuff

A healing crisis in spiritual healing is a purge of emotions, shadow-selves and blockages, it's unavoidable.

When energy doesn't move and remains still, nothing will happen. It is stagnant. But when energy starts flowing, it stimulates stuff inside us and triggers a purge.

Imagine we have a huge reservoir of what-so-ever stuff from the history of re-incarnation and now it's time for us to release, what happens? 

This will happen when we are progressing in a new direction or onto a higher stage. It may sound paradoxical, but after a rather long period of clearing and healing, when we finally start taking action in a new direction, the first things that we encounter are disturbances. These are the blockages that have been inside and holding us back from expanding and progressing. They come to the surface so that we can finally let them go.

Types of Healing Crisis

There are mainly three types of healing crisis:

  • Shadow Purge
  • Emotional Purge
  • Blockages Purge

It's useful to know how we can deal with them when they happen. It would make a big difference on your healing journey.

Integration of Shadow-Selves 

When we still have huge amount of shadow-selves inside us, we start seeing them in the external world as the healing process advances.

I know that some people stop their process when this happens. It's understandable as it won't feel very comfortable; in fact, it can be very disturbing as you will only see the negative aspects in everyone.

But it would be still a better idea to stay on your healing journey as it's happening for a reason.

For example, when I decided to cut off smoking for the n'th time, my body stopped functioning for a while. It was very uncomfortable. As I had smoked for such long time, it took a while for my Being (my body, mind and spirit) to recover from its addicted state to its normal state. But it doesn't mean that I should give up and go back to smoking. I needed to endure the healing crisis.

Shadow-selves are our own aspects that we refused to own. 

For instance, if we decided to live as a 'responsible person' at some point in our life, we disowned 'irresponsible' part of us at that moment. When we are not fully aware of it, it's suppressed and starts showing up in the external world. If you get upset when encountering this aspect in others, you are facing your own shadow-selves.

Only way to get out of it is to integrate this aspect. Own it as yours without any judgement or trying to change it. They are showing up now so that you can integrate them to return to whole.

Take it easy, it’s happening for you because you are ascending, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Just proceed with your inner work with compassion and unconditional love for yourself.

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Releasing and Healing of Emotions

Emotional pain and traumas can be big blockages and they ought to purge when stepping into a new direction.

When I opened my first shop on Etsy in 2014, I had these ambivalent feelings. I was afraid of being found by people I know, while I wanted to sell my stuff to the world. A part of me still wanted to hide away, not willing to show who I am to the world.

This split was my blockage and guess what happened? Someone found me running my shop and it freaked me out (lol) and I ended up shutting my shop down. The incident triggered a purge of my fear.

While working on my mind healing and emotional healing, I encountered my inner child that is still very afraid of being judged and laughed at by others when it expressed its authentic self. It happened when I was small. The shame was unbearable so I decided to hide away.

After some clearing and healing, I decided to take one step at a time, despite still having some fear inside. As I talk about it in Emotional Healing, the primary way to heal is to feel.

There won't be a time when I will not have any fear at all, so what I could do was eat an elephant one bite at a time. I decided to become friends with my fear. It's true that I have to face this almost every day till now. It's no kidding :-) But I cannot hide away for the rest of my life if I want to live life the way I want. I must come out of hiding.

Releasing and Dissolving Limitations

Limiting beliefs are blockages and they ought to go if we want to progress to a higher level.

After all, the Etsy shop was a great catalysis for me, I ended up having dissolved many blockages that I had within through running my shop. I still had lots of limitations inside me such as:

  • Blocks for receiving
  • Blocks for appreciating my gifts and talent
  • Blocks for putting myself in the first priority
  • Blocks for claiming my stakes
  • Blocks for expressing my true-self

And there are limiting believes underneath:

  • I am not good enough
  • I am not worthy
  • I am not appreciated
  • I am not important
  • I am a failer

These limiting believes are not obvious to conscious mind until we encounter some situations that trigger emotions suppressed. And they will come up when you progress into new direction. They ought to. We can only progress through experiences.

Keep taking actions, keep challenging, then feel :-)

Usind Energy Work

We can use Energy Work to promote our healing process. When healing crisis is happening, using energy such as Reiki can make it easier for us to endure. Please read Energy Healing for detail.

My recommendations are :

These two have helped me a lot along my healing journey.

Ascending in Spiral

the Spiral Universe

Nothing in the universe is linear, it's spiral.

It is the same for the healing process.

We will have seemingly repeated experience of the same thing over and over, yet we're progressing in many different layers.

One time, a purge will happen in one layer, or maybe I should say in one time-line, the next time it would happen in some deeper level. And there is no need to be afraid of it. Our aim in this life isn't to have zero disturbance. That’s an impossibility. It’s to have no resistance of what is.

Sooner or later, we will find ourselves having come so far from where we started. We progress and expand. When we start seeing this, there will be a whole new world before us.

We use healing crisis and fear for our progression. We move forward with courage and trust on this path towards wholeness.

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Have You Experienced Healing Crisis?

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