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Insomnia is one of the most typical awakening (ascension) symptoms. I know that there are many people in the world who are going through this right now. I would like to share what I did for myself when it happened to me around the year 2010.

Total Acceptance of What Is

There are many reasons why it happens during the awakening process. One of them is that you’re receiving a tremendous amount of energy that changes the whole structure of your DNA. It affects your physical, mental, emotional, and causal body. It triggers the fundamental cleansing of your entire being.

I will focus more on what you can do about it on this page.

In the year 2010, I started waking up at around 3:00 am, at the same time every day, and I couldn’t go back to sleep again.

This strange phenomenon continued and became a major problem in my life.

I still had a full-time job at a bank when it started. I needed to function in the office every day. I needed solid rest.

I tried many things (relaxation techniques, herbal remedies, aroma therapy etc.). I was frustrated, irritated, felt tired, and devastated.

There was a point I simply gave up. I gave up trying to ‘fix’ it.

What I did was:

  • I accepted the situation as it is and let go of attachment for controlling
  • I adjusted my life according to the reality I had

So, instead, I started doing the things I knew I could do at 3:00 am. Although I couldn't read at that time because I couldn't focus. So reading wasn't my option. 

Yet, I did everything else:

  • Writing,
  • Working on my pottery projects,
  • Practicing calligraphy,
  • Preparing for big and good breakfast, 
  • Enjoying a warm bubble bath,
  • and sometimes I went outside for a walk in the park nearby.

In the office, I took naps during lunch time, and I started going to bed around 8:00 pm every night to rest my body.

I made necessary changes in my life considering the fact that I had sleeping issues.

I surrendered. Total acceptance of what is. Not resisting and fighting against it.

Surrender Creates a Calm

And what happens when you surrender to what is?

There will be a calm in the energy field.

There is a gale force in the energy field when you resist something. It's draining and exhausting. But when you surrender, let go of resistance and accept what is, it relaxes.

My sleep pattern had gone back to normal around the year 2012.

It may sound too simple and even silly to some people. But it is true that sometimes this is the only things we can do.

Insomnia is one thing that humans haven't found a cure for. If you go to your doctor, he/she may give you pills. You may want to do that if that helps.

But let's think about it.

Maybe we should let go of the ideas that 'we must sleep at nights' or 'we must sleep more than 6 hours every day for our well-being'. These are all limiting beliefs, things that some people or scientists said. But they do not have to be our truth. If they create more suffering now, it’s better to let them go.

Hidden Blessings in The Issue

I was at peace after I let go of the struggle of 'doing something about it'. I didn't mind it if I cannot sleep at nights anymore. I took it as a chance to do something. After all, our own state of mind is the only thing we are in charge of. We can always shift our vibration by changing our state of mind.

If I got too tired in the office, I took off and rest. Very simple.

This experience gave me lots of important insights:

I realized that I must work out my priorities. I must put my needs first, both physical and emotional, and stop following what my mind (head) is telling me to do. 

 Following my true needs was such a liberating feeling, and it's ok to do so.

There are always so much hidden blessings in everything that happens in life and it is up to us to take it. 

If you are having difficulties sleeping or insomnia now, take it easy. 

I hope this article helped.

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