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It was 2010 when I was asked by a friend "what is your life’s work? What did you come here for?" I think I was around 36.

I was bit annoyed by the question, to be honest, as I didn't care about it much. Or at all, but he insisted. I was already busy going to an office every day working for my living. I didn’t have much headroom to even think about such a question. Why had he asked that question? I really didn't know.

And then, in 2013, I was asked a similar question by yet another person. She asked me if I’d come here to help. I was a bit annoyed as I had no intention of helping others as I didn't even know how to help myself. I wasn't even close to giving anything to anyone.

But now, I’ve realized that everything in my life has started making perfect sense. I’d spent many years learning and studying psychology, spirituality, and healing work for myself. So, in these later years of my life, I ought to do something with what I’ve learnt to help and contribute to others.

A Definition of Life's Work

When I use the expression, it doesn't mean your career or occupation, it is something you will be doing throughout your life. It's like the grand scheme for your life.

Most of us spend the first half of our lives getting prepared for it by learning and experiencing life ourselves. Then when we get to around our 40's, we start living it.

I know that many of us want to know what it is. I asked the same question, too.

For instance, if you find yourself on the path of spiritual healing it will be revealed to you in due course and you will know when you're ready.

There are some obvious signs, though:

  • It is related to something that you're not very good at, or related to something that you had to struggle to learn
  • It is related to something that you spend the most time and money on
  • It is related to something that makes you very angry or even furious when you think about it
  • It is something makes you cry when you think about it
  • It is something you can naturally do without even trying, led by your Being, or something you're told by many people
  • It is something uniquely yours
  • It is something you can do on your own / solo

It's closely related to self-realization, please also read this article for how you can find your own uniqueness. 

It is related to something that you're not very good at

It's the nature of duality, we all come here to learn something so that we will be able to help and contribute. 

One thing that I am not good at is to heal myself ;-) I am a healer who is not very good at healing, so, I had to struggle a lot to learn it.

If I didn't need to struggle and lean it, I wouldn't have given it too much importance. Thus, wouldn't have become a healer :-)

It is related to something that you spend the most time and money on

We unconsciously spend more time and money on something that is important to us. 

If you have anything such things, that is most probably related to your life's work.

It is related to something that makes you very angry or even furious when you think about it

This is crucial, again, we are in the classroom of duality. 

To me, animal cruelty is something that I cannot forgive and accept. I will say No to it no matter what.

There was a time when I was involved in taking care of colony cats (cats that are living on streets), and I witnessed many cases of animal cruelty.

I wondered why do I have to witness all these? I cannot stand it. It makes me boiling mad.

But I needed that experience to know what my life's work is. 

The question remained, what and how I could do something to stop all this?

I still needed to go through many more years to know the answer.

It is something makes you cry when you think about it

When I think about my mission...please read my mission statement here, I cry.

I don't know why. But I just do. I call it Soul Resonance.

It is something you can naturally do without even trying, led by your Being

There always is something that you are very good at without even trying. 

For some people it's cooking, taking care of kids, thinking, writing, etc. It stands out recognizable. 

Try to see what gifts and talent you have naturally, that is probably related to your life's work.

It is something uniquely yours

Not much explanation needed. It is something you do by Being You.

So, it will not be something like...being a good sales manager...

It is something that you can do on your own / solo

You may have fellow or companions, or even partner, still. But it's primarily something you can do alone.

That means that yo don't need to belong to any group, company or school etc.

Support and Guidance

When you encounter your life’s work you will just know it. It will come naturally to you, probably together with support and guidance.

And you will have peace of mind, for the first time in a long time.

Even though you may not be 100 % ready for it, you will feel somewhat encouraged and will find support and solutions along your way.

You will feel grounded, supported, and you will start walking on your path with your own feet.

You will still encounter obstacles and hurdles on the way, but that doesn't matter and doesn't bother you anymore. Because you know that they will only deepen your experience and compassion.

Some obvious signs when you are very close to finding your life’s work are:

  • You start meeting different types of people 
  • There would have been rather obvious gaps between you now and your world before and your old world would not feel as comfortable anymore
  • People start coming to you for your help and support
  • You will be doing it even without realizing it
  • You would have a mentor(s) when you start
  • Everything you need would be given to you when you start 


Committing to your life’s work is a lot like a marriage. You are not committed to the future promises, but you are committed to yourself, from moment to moment. You know that this is what you do and what you came here for.

Now you will start living in the Present, not the future and not the past.

People who know how to commit tend to feel more fulfillment in their life, no matter what the circumstances are for them. Circumstances are irrelevant. When we're committed to ourselves, there is no self-doubt, there is only inner-guidance.

We will meet our maturity only by living ourselves. That is called fulfillment of self.

It will come to you, no matter what, so keep your faith :-) 

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