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Mind healing is something we need to go through if we want to experience this world as it is. Have you watched the movie called ‘The Matrix’? It’s an old movie made in 1999. Some people consider it a documentary. I share that perspective, too.

I believe that so-called ‘reality’ relies heavily on our mind-set, the way our mind perceives and projects everything through a biased filter onto a hologram.

When our mind is cluttered with all sorts of junk from past, imagine what the outcome is? The ‘reality’ will be distorted and twisted, it’s never so ‘real’ anymore.

So, it’s a good idea to work on clearing and doing mind healing.

What is Mind? 

The mind is like a space within us where our ego lives.

Emotions are created when thoughts meet physical body. When we have positive thoughts, positive feelings and emotions are created, when our thoughts are negative ones, negative feelings and emotions are created.

And our mind is the one that creates thoughts.

When our mind is clear and still we have clarity, deeper insights, and our intentions are pure.

And yet, the mind is never still. Because the ego cannot live without thoughts it needs the mind to keep thinking, it doesn’t matter what, to survive. 

The more clearing and healing we do, the more space available for the higher mind to come in.

With the higher mind, we start creating lives from a totally different place. We are no longer slaves to our thoughts. We know that we are not our thoughts. We are now an empowered sovereign Being.

Transcending Limitations

So many of us think that we’re limited by our environment or circumstances. We tend to seek for reasons in the external world for why we cannot do something, or why we feel in certain ways.

This kind of attitude will take us further away from the truth about self-realization. Limitations only exist within, not outside. They are from past. Most of them were taught to us by parents or people around us earlier in our lives. 

Limiting beliefs are the ones that are either limiting or detrimental to us.

One of my limiting beliefs is ‘No one listens to me’.

It was so deeply rooted in my subconscious and affecting my life in many ways. 

It’s not a matter of right or wrong, or good or bad. The question is if this is limiting or constraining me in anyways in regard of manifesting my highest potential. Imagine who I would become when I unconsciously keep believing it.

Before in my life, I would have never even thought about launching my own web-site. Because I thought no one would care.

But it was time for me to ask, is it true? 

It’s possible that we so unconsciously believe some ‘none-senses’ that we learnt in our childhood without ever questioning them, just because they ‘seem to be’ true. 

But it may be the other way around. Life is manifesting in certain ways because we have such limiting beliefs in the first place.

Please note that limiting beliefs are the ones that we are not aware of. They are unconscious to us.

To find them, the best way is to pay close attention to how we react to certain situations or people emotionally. Please also read Emotional Healing for how we do it.

Like mentioned earlier, emotions are created when thoughts meet body. When our negative emotion is triggered, there always is a belief that is either limiting or detrimental.

When it happens:

  • Try to identify the emotion (sadness, hurt/pain, anger, resentment, rage, shame, etc.)
  • Where do you have it in your body? Try to locate and connect to them.
  • Ask what it wants to say (why is it so sad, angry, resentful, ashamed, etc?)
  • Is there any thoughts underneath that is limiting or detrimental?

* Please note that it's possible when going through this, the repressed emotions (pain) get released. 

Some of the most common limiting beliefs include:

  • I am all alone
  • I am not good enough
  • I am not lovable
  • I am not worthy
  • I am not understood
  • I am not seen
  • I am a bad girl/boy
  • I am responsible for my mum's happiness
  • I must be good to fit in
  • I should put others before me
  • I should get along with everyone
  • I must please everyone

I can go on and on.

Take some time to go through this and bring all the limitations to consciousness and shine the light upon them. They will lose their power and start relaxing in time. It may take time but it will happen.

When this happens, the past will loosen its grip and finally release you into freedom. Now you are free from the past. One step closer to self-realization.

Integration of Shadow-Selves

We all have shadow-selves that we suppress. Our certain aspects were not ‘ok’ back then, we separated and suppressed them. And every one of us project our shadows onto others. When we are judging others or ourselves, we are not Present.

What are shadow-selves?

They are our own aspects that we don't want to accept or refused to own.

For example, when I don't own my stinginess, I start projecting it onto others. So, I tend to see many stingy people around me and start getting very upset. It doesn't matter if they are truly stingy or not. That is just they way how my mind perceives the world. And it continues until I chose to own and integrate this aspect of mine.

The best way to find shadow-aspects yet, I recommend, the Work by Byron Katie.

Please also read related article for integrating shadow-selves:


  • Values
  • Norms
  • Common senses
  • Religious dogmas
  • Ideologies
  • Morals 


They have been taught to us by others in our early life. We took them for granted just because we didn't know any better. But lately I learnt that some of them are nothing but non-senses, because they depend so hugely on where I was born. They are so limited.

For example, being born in an Eastern country, the ideas of Karma and re-incarnation are norm to me. But they're not to Christian people. But I didn't know that until I went outside of Asia and met other people. Laughing aloud in a movie theater is considered to be rude in Japan, but it's ok in other places. Asking questions in a classroom is not very common in Japan, while we're encouraged to do so in the United States.

Now in the mind healing, we need to question and reassess each one of them above. Are they still very true to us? Do we still want to keep them? Are they limiting or detrimental to us in any ways? Maybe it’s time to let them go?

And it's ok to let them go.

When we feel trapped or suffering, there must be something that is not loving and binding us to something that is not true to us. Negative feelings and emotions are signs that we are not following our inner-guidance.

I would like to share a rather interesting experience of mine. After spending nearly 20 years abroad, returning to my home country wasn't an easy thing for me. I learnt that people are afraid of me because they think that I am too open minded. Such an irony, as I was considered too narrow minded elsewhere, it's understandable though, as Japan is a culture where keeping and respecting tradition is a virtue. 

It was obvious that we don't share the same value. It's not a matter of who is right or wrong, or good or bad, or even personal preferences. We are just different. Some people think that being open minded is a good thing, other sees it as a thread.

When doing reassessment, always ask your heart, not your head. No should or must needed.

Healing Cognitive Distortions

As mentioned earlier, our mind is cluttered with junk from past. And it’s distorted and twisted so that it cannot perceive the world as it is. Everyone of us is creating our own reality and these'realities' are different from people to people.

When our perceptions are distorted, there always must be a cognitive distortion. It's a part of fear-based subconscious program. When the program is activated, it is almost impossible for us to perceive the reality as it is. As fear is taking us over. It's important to know that underneath any program we have unconsciously, there is suppressed emotion. 

There are many forms of cognitive distortions such as:

  • Filtering
  • Black and white thinking
  • Victimization
  • Labeling
  • Should or must
  • Assumptions
  • Generalization / Personalizing
  • Projections

The Work by Bryon Katie is very effective for realizing and healing cognitive distortions. Or you can try cognitive-behavioral therapy if you’ve done enough emotional healing already.

Make sure that you’re emotionally healed before doing cognitive-behavioral therapy, otherwise it could be damaging. Mind healing goes hand in hand with emotional healing.

Healing cognitive distortions takes time, as we have been using them as our survival means. You may have to repeat the process many times. It is ok. When you go through a process with enough Presence, it will be healed in time.

Energy Work for Mind Healing

I find it very helpful to use energy work for mind healing. It helps us to increase awareness and release and heal any blockages in subconscious mind.

Please take a look at Subconscious Clearing Empowerment if you are interested.

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