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What is Non-Serving Energy?

Spiritual healing is all about letting go of what is not us. Or energies that don’t belong to us. And re-integrate parts that we've cut off from ourselves.

We have taken too much stuff that didn't originally belong to us along the way. They are called 'non-serving energy'.


  • shame
  • guilt
  • self-loathing
  • self-blame
  • self-critiques
  • pride
  • fear

Based upon the energies above, a feeling of apathy is created.

They have been rooted, or imprinted, in us by others or by society. Not only in this life time but throughout the history of re-incarnation. 

If you have a strong sense of 'shame' about yourself, it has not just been built during this life time, but it has been with you for many hundreds (or even thousands) of years.

I know a young man who remembers what happened to him two thousand years ago. He betrayed Jesus Christ in that life. Who knows, at least that’s how he remembers it. He had no other choice to protect himself at that time. 

Though it was understandable, he felt ashamed and suppressed the feeling. It was too painful for him to bear. It’s not hard for us to imagine how guilt was also created based on his shame.

He still carries these energies in him. He’s been feeling ashamed and has little self-confidence. He’s been seeking validation and forgiveness from others in the outside world throughout his life.

This life time has been given to him to heal and liberate his soul from a prison of pain.

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If we want to manifest our true self in this life and return to wholeness, we need to let these energies go for good. Because they are fear based and will keep us in separation forever more.

2 Steps of Releasing

The principle is the same as what I usually suggest.

Let’s say that you feel guilty for having your private time apart from your family and friends. Well, I do, sometimes.

The first step of releasing is:

  • Acknowledge the feeling
  • Honor it
  • Accept it
  • Own it
  • Or you may even want to be proud of it

Bottom line?

You don't want to deny how you truly feel just for the sake of 'feeling positive'. That will be denying who you are.

You must be yourself all the time. That is accepting who you are.

The energy will remain in your body and become 'pain body'. That is what happens if you try to deny or suppress your true feelings. 

And the second step is 'expressing' it:

  • writing journals
  • saying it aloud or talking to someone
  • drawing or painting
  • dancing or performing

You may want to find the one that suits you. You need to express your authentic self in an appropriate way. So that the energy doesn't get stuck in your body.

Keeping a diary is always a good way to express your feelings in a safe way.

You may have to go through the process a few times, every time it gets triggered. 

Also, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works pretty well to release any non-serving emotional energy. 

Get Unconditional Love and Compassion

What we need here is:

  • unconditional love
  • genuine compassion

for ourselves.

Unconditional love is the condition where there is an utter absence of judgement. And we must first direct it to ourselves.

Also, having cognitive understanding helps a lot in the process. 

Even though these energies are non-serving, they are there for reasons. Every emotion needs to be validated.

I recommend using energy work such as Reiki to accelerate the process.

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Home > 2 Spiritual Healing Methods That Heal Unfulfilled Needs and Emotional Patterns > Non-Serving Energy:2 Steps to Release 

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