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All the information of this page is as of 18 Feb 2018

For last few weeks, I've been investigating and gathering information on Panchakarma, one of the traditional Ayurveda treatments.

I am genuinely interested in going to India to receive either a 21 or 28 day Pahchakarma program in one of the Ayurveda hospitals.

But what is it? And why I want to do it?

Deep and Profound Detoxification/ Purification of Entire Being

I've been always interested in Ayurveda and I’ve been practicing it, on and off for the last 20 years. But now I really want to go through a detox/purification on some profound level. 

What do I mean by that?

I mean the detox/purification of the:

  • physical body
  • mental body
  • emotional body

If you want to know how this is possible from receiving Panchakarma, please read this.

what is Panchakarma?

Where to Receive Panchakarma?

While checking and gathering more information, I noticed that the most popular destination for Panchakarma is Kerala, in Southern India.

There are more places in Kerala for this program than anywhere else in India. That’s because the climate is perfect for the treatment. Also, they can grow and use their own fresh herbs from their garden, while in the North, they need to buy and transport them from South. 

However, the program prices in Kerala are higher than in the North.

There are several places in Northern India where you can receive genuine treatment for a more reasonable price, however, getting there is more difficult.

I have been investigating, contacting and comparing many places according to my own personal criteria.

  • length of the programs
  • price
  • location/ transportation convenience
  • safety and comfort
  • quality of the program

If I want to receive optimal effect from the treatment, I should go for at least 21 days. I am actually hoping I will be going for the 28 days program. 

And now I am considering the following places:

  • Bohole Baba Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center (Chilianaula, Ranikhed)
  • Ayur Today (Guruvayur, Kerala)
  • Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital (Kerala)

Bohole Baba Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center

Bohole Baba Ayurvedic Hospital & Reserch Center  is located near the Himalayas, in a small town called Chilianaula.

I contacted them, and their reply was nice and friendly.

The price is very reasonable:

  • For 14 days : Rs. 40000.00*, per person
  • For 21 days : Rs. 56000.00*, per person
  • For 28 days : Rs. 68600.00*, per person
  • For 40 days : Rs. 86000.00*, per person

* Hospital Registration fee: Rs. 100.00 per person. 

All these prices cover your Panchakarma treatment procedures and food (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, served in the Ayurveda canteen).

The accommodation facility starting from Rs. 700.00 to Rs. 1300.00 for Single Rooms and Rs. 1100.00 to Rs. 1800.00 for Double Rooms.

I like their packages a lot. And if you go to their Home Page, you can see the photos of their accommodation and other facilities.

The only problem is that it is in such a rural area, it would take another day to reach the hospital from Delhi. The transfer schedule is clumsy and it would be physically demanding as I would be flying from Japan.

So, I am also still checking and considering other places. But certainly, this place seems to be very attractive to me.

Ayur Today  (Guruvayur, Kerala)

Ayur Today  seems to be another nice place in Kerala.

I sent them an email asking them for their fees and their reply was:

In March : 3750 INR/person/day will be the fee for the cottage(bungalow)

In Apirl:  4250 INR/day/per person

This includes:

  • External Therapy
  • Non-Air conditioned  Accommodation
  • 3 times veg meals
  • 2 herbal tea
  • Limited Wi-Fi connection
  • Yoga classes

Internal medicines during and after the therapy are charged separately.

I certainly like their program. It seems very reasonable. And the pictures are all nice.

The only issue is that the air tickets from Japan to Cochin are much more expensive than tickets to Delhi. 

So, in the end, it would end up being much pricier than going to Northern India.

For the sake of the effect, the longer number of days for the program is better. So, if possible, I would really like to go for 28 days.

Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital 

Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital seems to be a very nice place, if I have enough budget. I am very attracted to this place.

  • For 15 Day Program : Euro.50* / Rs.3999 * per day - Program includes 2 consultations, Minimum 34 treatments, ayurvedic diet, medicines during treatments, 5 yoga sessions.
  • For 21 Day Program : Euro.50* / Rs.3999 * per day -  Program includes 2 consultations, Minimum 46 treatments, ayurvedic diet, Medicines during treatments, 7 yoga sessions.
  • For 28 Day Program : Euro.50* / Rs.3999 * per day -  Program includes 2 consultations, Minimum 60 treatments, ayurvedic diet, Medicines during treatments, 9 yoga sessions.


I still haven't decided which place I should go. But in the next few months, I will know. And I will be reporting how things go with my Panchakarma.

It will be my first time visiting India, by the way. So, let's cross our fingers!

All the information of this page is as of 18 Feb 2018

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