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Included in This Service

  • Distant Attunement x 1 ( call-in method*)
  • PDF Manual x 1
  • Certificate with linage (PDF) x 1

*call-in method: you can receive distant attunements anytime and anywhere you want.

About Quantum Leap Empowerment

Archangel Nathaniel has revealed himself very recently to Humanity. He has been channelled in great depth by Charles Virtue, Doreen Virtue’s eldest son a prolific angel teacher in his own right. 

This fiery angel is here to help us at this time of great shifts to make great and quantum leaps forward in all aspects of our lives. Helping us to cross from the third dimension into fifth dimensional reality.

Turn to Nathaniel to help you get off the couch spiritually and in some cases literally. When you invoke him be prepared for intense and rapid changes in your life overnight as he goes to work immediately.

Archangel Nathaniel gives you the motivation, the energetic kick and also wise guidance on where you are spiritually and where you should be. So come and take this energetic inventory with Archangel Nathaniel to help you decide the best next step for you.

If you still want to do things your way Nathaniel is not the guy for you as he will once invoked karmically stir your pot ensuring changes happen right away. If feeling stuck or stagnant is your issue ask Archangel Nathaniel to run his orange flame of transformation for you transmuting the blockages into light.

When you work with Archangel Nathaniel you have no choice but to move forward specially as related to your life purpose. He can help you identify your particular soul mission in a hurry. Turn your passions into the reality of your life.

What You May Get in This Empowerment

  • Connection to Archangel Nathaniel’s energy and aura which some might perceive as a fiery red colour
  • Connection to Archangel Nathaniel’s flame of transformation which will bring rapid fire changes into your life overnight so be careful what you wish for
  • Ability to analyse where you are spiritually speaking an awareness of your skill sets and those skills sets you still have to work on
  • Connection to his red orb of focus where you can transmute all distractions whether environmental or internal into spiritual energy allowing you to move forward in all aspects of your life
  • May attune people and self

You must be 18 years old or above to receive this empowerment.  If you have sever physical or mental symptoms, you should first consult your doctor.

Attunement takes approximately 10 mins, sometimes more or less.


Price : HKD 350.00 +7% VAT   (USD 1.00 ≒ HKD 7.89)

I will be in touch with you within 48 hours. Please note that no cancellation will be accepted.

Before proceeding to payment, please check my Privacy Policy & Disclaimer.

Home > Reiki Attunement > Quantum Leap Empowerment

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