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Human self reflection is the capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their fundamental nature, purpose and essence. According to Wikipedia the earliest historical records demonstrate the great interest that humanity has had in this.

It's true that spending 20 minutes on self reflection a day will change your life dramatically, as this world is a mere reflection of our inner world. If we want to change something outside, the best and only way is to look inside and change it there.

I know that some people have busy lives and it is not easy for them to set aside just 20 minutes for themselves. I know someone who wakes up at 4:30 am for this purpose because that is only time that she can have for herself without being disturbed by other family members and pets.

It's worth trying if you think about the benefits and rewards.

Benefits of Self Reflection

You will:

  • have more clarity and know yourself better and deeper
  • feel more centered and grounded
  • start living life more consciously
  • be more Present

The result is that you will make better decisions and you will have a more fulfilling life.

Two Ways of Doing It

There are two kinds of self-reflection:

  • Cognitive (Mind)
  • Emotional 

Both are needed in spiritual healing.

I usually recommend the following for cognitive self-reflection:

If you are interested in the Shadow work, please watch the video below:

These two are the best ways that I know for cognitive mind healing and reflection. It works powerfully. Please click and see in detail if you are interested.

I will focus more on Emotional Reflection on this page.

Emotional Reflection

Take about 20 minutes with a pen and a notepad.

Sit quietly and take breaths with mindfulness a few times. Relax your body and tune into your physical sensations and feelings:

  • Remember your day and pick one event at a time to reflect
  • Think about the event for few moment, close your eyes if needed
  • Be aware of any changes of feelings and physical sensations when you think about the event
  • Write them down on the notepad
  • Keep enough Present and try to be with feelings, emotions and sensations, do this for as long as it takes
  • When you feel enough has been done, move onto the next event

Really, this is emotional Vipassana.

Try not to change anything, not to deny or reject, but just be Present with it. No judgement, no self-critiques, no advice needed.

* A tip: Try to have distance between "I" and feelings/emotions, for instance, do not say "I am angry" instead say "I now feel anger". In this way, it is easier for us to dis-entangle ourselves from our emotions and keep enough distance and Present between them and us.

What Does This Do?

This is a very powerful way to penetrate the light of consciousness to subconscious mind.

It will:

  • ease the tension and any sort of energetic conflicts in our subconscious mind
  • relieve and liberate repressed emotions
  • make it easy for us see things more clearly
  • help us be more Present
  • help us to cultivate true compassion for ourselves

As you may imagine, it is energy draining when there are battles in our unconscious mind. Having 20 minutes a day for doing this will help us sort out what is happening in our subconscious mind.

You will not see obvious results over night, and yet it will come in a few months. Consistency and patience are the keys. 

Also, remember to stay true to yourself when going through this procedure. That is the key to liberation, too :-)

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Home > Daily Self Reflection for 20 Minutes Will Change Your Life 

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