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The Soul Work

If you are new to the Soul Work concept, please read home page before proceeding :-)

Along our long journey of soul, we have taken too much stuff that don't belong to us, or been wounded more or less.

It's a process of taking anything that don't serve us anymore out of our Being, and heal our core wounds so that we can stay who we really are.

It is a process that requires us actively getting involved in knowing ourselves in the deepest level. And transcend all the illusions that duality within us creates, to return to the Oneness.

Prerequisite ~ Presence ~

Healing Power of Presence

Before dwell deeper, let's talk about the healing power of Presence.

The Present moment is the place where you start the work, always. If you are not Present enough, no healing can be done. So, make sure that you are Present when going through the process.

The simplest way of being Present is to take a few breaths with mindfulness. And shine your consciousness on your senses, on the things that you can see, hear, touch, smell, feel and taste.

It is a simple reminder for you to come back into your body from busy monkey mind. To be Present means that you are fully in your body and know who you are :-)

If you are new to this concept, the books below is a good start:

Two Qualities in Presence

There are two very important qualities that present moment holds:

  • Unconditional Love
  • Compassion

First, we must develop and cultivate enough Presence and these two qualities for ourselves. Let's remind us as often as possible that we do not need to have a reason to love ourselves. It is unconditional. 

We humans don't do things perfectly. And there is a beauty in the imperfections of every one of us. It is ok that we try our best, but it is not ok if we blame or criticize ourselves when things didn't go the way we wanted.

For a long time, I kept blaming myself to feel in certain ways or having certain feelings or emotions. Doing a number on one's self never works. We need to know that we are creating our own sufferings.

The fact is that there is no right or wrong about the way I feel. It's the same as weather. I have no control over the way I feel. Every feelings and emotions are valid. They need to be validated, totally.

Compassion is a quality that not many of us possess. It's a virtue that one cultivates only through his/her own experience. The deeper the experience is, the more compassion one has for self and others.

We all know that we've always done our best. Given the parents and the journey we've been given, our life so far is our best at this moment. Let's not forget about it. 

After all, unconditional love and compassion are what heal everything.

Two Areas of the Soul Work

The process consists of two main areas:

These two areas go interdependently throughout the entire process. Please read each area for details.

The process isn't a linear line but it goes up in a spiral. Sometimes it feels as if we are going around in the circle forever more. But we are proceeding. Have faith in it :-)

What's required here is patience. It takes time, but you will be healed. 


The goal of spiritual healing is to return to our whole self. We must go beyond fear to do so.  We must be willing to pull down all the defending systems and embrace our weaknesses. Become vulnerable may not be easy for anyone. And yet, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Home > Soul Work

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