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The word spiritual guidance may be the same as inner-guidance, intuition, or hunch. They are really the same things on different layers. Some people call it higher mind or higher selves.

It’s so tempting to seek guidance outside. Some people may find it in a spiritual guru. Others may find it in tarot cards or psychic readings.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use them. It may be a good idea if we find them helpful. But all the answers we want to know are within us—it’s been said by many masters.

So, the question is: ‘how do we know our own spiritual guidance?’

I would like to lay out three ways. We receive our guidance through:

  • Gut feeling
  • People
  • Information and keywords that keep showing up repeatedly

Listen to Gut Feelings or Heart

  • Always follow your gut feelings or heart

Your first physical and emotional reactions are always very important. You may want to second guess it, but you should always put importance on how you 'first' feel about something or someone.

Your body and heart knows a lot better than your ‘head’ thinks. There is no reason to ignore.

I am not suggesting that you should always ‘react’ emotionally. Not that. But you should listen to your inner-self and respond to it.

You ought to take time to think about things. But never just exclude what your inner-self is trying to tell you.

There was someone with whom I didn’t feel very comfortable. It was a very subtle feeling that I had and I was trying to tell myself that I shouldn't feel that way. I was trying to be nice and polite out of my own fear of losing a friend.

But a few months ago, I finally admitted that it’s time for me to leave her, and it's Ok to do that. She was emotionally abusive. I've been receiving my own spiritual guidance all along, but I just never trusted it, and it was time.

Now I feel pretty good about my own decision. I feel a lot better and lighter. 

When something feels light, that means that it's right for you. When something feels heavy, that means it's not right for you. It's just that simple. You should always listen to and follow how you ‘feel’, not what you ‘think’.

It may be easier for us to ignore what our gut or heart is telling us. We need to go beyond fear if we want to receive and follow true spiritual guidance.

Spiritual Guidance Through People

Life will send us people who we need to meet for our expansions and progression. This doesn't mean that we will only encounter people who are positive, encouraging, or inspiring, we would also meet the ones that would give us hard times.

When we meet people or incidents in life, there are hidden lessons and blessings. And to know what they are, we need to look into our emotional signature.

It will tell us what needs to be learnt (or released, healed and so forth) through this experience.

If you are reacting positively, it means that you are supported and encouraged to do what you do. If your reaction is negative, it means there are still some parts of you that need to be healed and released.

Talking about positive encountering, they are one of the best blessings in lives. 

They often come into our lives as:

  • Teachers/Mentors
  • Good Friends

I have encountered many of them on my healing path. They are the ones who support, help and guide me through my journey. 

Not so positive encountering is often brought by our higher selves. The purpose is often to clear out and dissolve negative karmic patterns. 

They can be just anyone:

  • Parents/Children
  • Partners
  • Bosses and Colleagues
  • Neighbors
  • Friends

When we've learnt our lessons, the relationship or situations will dissolve.

Through Information or Keywords That Repeatedly Show Up

It's one of the synchronicities. We will keep attracting the same information and keywords that are important to us throughout life.

For instance, I am in the middle of a self-actualization (individuation) process right now. I was 18 years old when I first encountered the keyword 'self-actualization'. I read it in a book that I borrowed from a school library. The keyword left such deep impression on me.

It started showing up again in my life a few years ago. It’s got my attention. 

We must follow our hunch when we come across information or keywords that grab our attention. The guidance may not be very clear in the beginning, but it will be along the way. 

In the last few months, there has been a few keywords showing up many times in my life. I gave it time because I wasn't sure which one I should follow. I didn’t have time to do all of them at once. 

Within a month, I started learning Evolutionary Astrology. It became clear that this is what I wanted to do next.


It's not so complicated or you don’t have to be a psychic to receive your own spiritual guidance. 

It is useful to remind ourselves to keep our heart open to self. In other words, we should always be who we are.

So, go talk to yourself. Go beyond fear. Follow your heart; this is your compass.

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