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The nature of the universe is expansion and progression. And the fundamental and ultimate purpose of life is to heal a soul so that it can return to wholeness and proceed to the next stage of its expansion.

The universe will give us everything that we need for our soul's expansion and progression. Nothing remains the same in the law of the universe.

We all evolve as souls by going through a series of spiritual transformations throughout our lives.

Signs of Spiritual Transformation

There are some recognizable signs for significant spiritual transformation.

You will:

  • start feeling rather uncomfortable in your former environment including relationships, career, place to live, friendships and everything else
  • start appreciating more solitude
  • start asking yourself lots of questions, such as, 'who am I', 'what am I here for' or 'what is the meaning of this life'
  • have a strong desire to know your life's purpose
  • lose your sense of self (not sure who you are anymore)
  • have a strong desire to make changes in your life without knowing exactly what you can do

When you experience these signs, just know that you are going through a major shift in your life and it happens for good. The key to make it easier is to allow yourself to accept whatever happens to you and have faith in the process itself.

Spiritual transformation is lot like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly in a cocoon. What has been there needs to be dissolved completely. And for it to happen, it quite often requires big changes in life. It may feel painful, but this is what it takes to be transformed.

Three Main Transformations in Life

In astrology, there are three main transformations in everyone's life:

  • Saturn Return (around age 29)
  • Uranus goes opposition in transit (Mid-life crisis)
  • Chiron Return (age 50 ~ 52)

Saturn Return

The first significant transformations happen around age 29 when the planet of Saturn returns to its original position in your natal chart.

This is when you will be forced to make a profound choice of which direction you shall head in your life. Some major changes and shifts tend to happen in this time. These may include changes in your career, relationship, marriage, friendship, place to live, life style and so forth.

This would set the foundation of how you want to live your life the next phase.

Uranus in Opposition

The most fundamental and profound transformations happen when the planet of Uranus goes opposition in transit in your birth chart. It usually happens sometime around the mid-30's to mid-40's (depending on the Uranus in your birth chart) and we call it a "mid-life crisis".

This is when you are confronted and challenged by any unsolved life lessons. For instance, if one of your life lessons is to learn about setting up a healthy boundary and overcoming co-dependency in a relationship, most probably you have been put in a life circumstance that allows you to do this during a period of time.

And the only way to go through this successfully is to learn your lesson.

It may sound too harsh but as the universe’s nature is always for expansion and progression, nothing can remain the same. If you resist, it will persist. It will be totally up to you if you choose to learn the lesson and overcome any life lessons in this time. If you succeed, you will be moving forward to an entirely new and better direction in your life.

So, it is crucial for you to identify what your life lesson is. And it will be rather obvious to you. The only thing you need is to have courage to confront your pain. The darkness won’t be the darkness once you shine the light of your consciousness upon it.

Talking about myself, Uranus is in opposition in my birth chart right now, until the 18th April 2018. That means I am strongly pushed forward to establish my own unique sense of self separated from my tribe. As Uranus is the ruler of my birth chart and the planet of trans-personal, individuation and death and re-birth, I’ve been going through major changes in my life. It is like re-evaluating every aspect of my life and working out the priorities.

Chiron Return

The second main transformation is called 'Chiron Return.' In astrology that happens to everyone between the ages of 50 to 52.

In other words Chiron is called ‘a wounded healer’, founded in 1977.

While Uranus forces you to return to who you really are, the planet Chiron forces you to confront any wounds and trauma from the history of re-incarnation. Any traumatic memories or wounds that your soul is carrying over from any former lives would come up to the surface during this time.

If you successfully overcome this period by clearing emotional wounds and trauma and any mind (cognitive) distortions, you will move further forward and deeper into true individuation and self-realization in this life time. 

Spiritual Transformation is all about 'surrendering' to what is. Letting go of needs or wanting to control the outcome expectations.

Sometimes life will give us something seemingly unacceptable, but everything happens for our highest good. 

We all evolve and progress as souls only through deepening our human experience. Know that life itself is a huge blessing.

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Home > 3 Main Spiritual Transformations in Life

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