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Meditation May Not Be the Best Way to Increase Spiritual Awareness

So, really, how can we increase our spiritual awareness?

How many men and women once they're past 24, well...mid 20's, and who are on the healing or spiritual awakening paths ask this question?

There is no clear-cut answer to this because the moment we try to make it as some sort of practice, it won't work. 

It's not meditation or spiritual practice we do from day to day. It's just a simple reminder to come back to our body from moment to moment, to fully embrace the Present moment.

There are some who think meditation is the best way to be mindful.

To be honest, I don't meditate.

Yes, you heard it, I don't.

I am a healer who doesn’t meditate. Because it's just not the best way for me to be Present.

Awareness is not something we can achieve over night or even in a year or so. But rather, there will be a long and frustrating journey ahead.

Having said that, I think probably the best way to increase it is Vipassana.

When I say Vipassana, I don’t mean Vipassana meditation. What I mean is paying attention to what is happening inside yourself (not outside) from moment to moment, namely:

  • Feelings / emotions
  • Physical sensations
  • Thoughts

Be Mindful to Feelings and Emotions

By paying very close attention to how you feel from moment to moment you can increase spiritual awareness, dramatically.

To know how you’re truly feeling, you need to be totally honest with yourself. It's very easy for us to pass through our feelings in daily life. It's true, if you think about it.

We tend to believe that being vulnerable is not ok. We try to be positive and strong even when we are not. That isn’t any good for our emotional hygiene. It is a form of self-denial and suppression.

Be more mindful to our feelings is the same as knowing who we really are. And if we can express it, it's even better. It's ok to cry if we are sad. It's ok to smile if we are happy.

Emotions are pure energies, when we feel them and express them, they ought to go through our body, just like a puff of smoke.

Simply acknowledge your own feelings and emotions, and give them total validation.

That is surrender to what is.

Be Aware of Physical Sensations

When you're more aware of feelings and emotions also be aware of the physical sensations at the same time. 

When energy is moving, try to spot it in your body and describe it in words.

Where do you feel it? In your head? Neck? Shoulders? What color is it? How does it feel?

When we do this, we are fully back in our body. And it is extremely beneficial to our body. You may feel emotions coming up. Please read Emotional Healing for what you can do when that happens.

People who have addictions or some form of escapism... such as smoking, eating, drinking (coffee or tea included), reading, writing down affirmations when feeling anxious… tend to leave their body many times a day.

It's good for us to remind ourselves to come back fully into our body by feeling sensations. Take moment to have a dialogue with your body a few times a day. Doing this small thing is extremely good for your body and it’s also healing.

Remain Mindful of Your Thoughts

Be more aware of your thoughts whenever you have emotional or physical reactions to outside stimuli.

If you are not used to it, it is a good idea to use a pen and paper (or a note pad) to note down your thoughts.

When we behave unconsciously, we are slaves to our thoughts. There is no gap between the real us and our thoughts (mind).

When we develop enough mindfulness, in other words, being more Present, it creates more distance between us and our mind. Thus, we get more clarity.

It does take time. What I’ve learnt on my journey is that it’s too hard to be more mindful just by practicing meditation and chanting mantras :-)

These three ways are simple yet very effective. Probably more effective than meditation :-)

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Home > Increase Spiritual Awareness in Three Simple Ways

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